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Secretary of State for Health and Social Care speaks to Suffolk Business Leaders

The Rt Hon Matt Hancock MP, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, and Nick Hulme, of East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust, spoke to over 100 Suffolk business leaders on 8th March as guests of the Ipswich Suffolk Business Club. The event was supported by Milsoms Kesgrave Hall, Greene King, and Genesis PR.

With Brexit approaching, the Ipswich Suffolk Business Club was thrilled to have Matt Hancock and Nick Hulme speaking at this popular event about the health service in the local area and answering questions from members and their guests.

Mr Hancock outlined what he would be talking about at the event, stating that: “I was delighted to be invited to speak at this exclusive business event. The only way we can improve things as a nation is to listen to businesses. I believe this very profoundly as I started life in a small business, and it has informed the view of the world that I take into Westminster and is the reason I went into politics.

He continued by saying: “As Health Secretary, there is a really important part that the health service can play in making Ipswich and Suffolk a great place to live, with a good hospital and primary care, that will attract people. We have to get Brexit right, but that’s only one small part of what we need to do to make Britain a great place to grow a business.”

Nick Hulme said: “There is an awful lot that the businesses community can do. First is to make sure we have a strong and healthy workforce, and the NHS can help with that, early identification of people suffering and emotional well-being issues, so we can intervene before they become mental health issues.”

He continued later in his talk by saying: “One of the challenges of the NHS is that we sadly sometimes deliver 21st century healthcare in 1960’s processes, and because of the lack of competition we’ve never had to improve those processes, so I think we can learn from business and the innovation that we’ve seen. Suffolk’s an incredibly innovative County and we need to learn from business and encourage businesses to work with us as equal partners to get those innovations that will ultimately improve the health of the people we service.”

Luke Morris, Chairman of the Ipswich Suffolk Business Club, said: “Members commented on how engaging and interesting the talk was, particularly Matt picking up on experiences from his own family business which I do not believe are widely known. Both Matt and Nick took unedited questions, some pretty cutting, from the floor which delighted the Members. I think it was clear from the interaction during Q&As that some of the topics covered hold a great deal of interest and the Ipswich Suffolk Business Club is unique in providing this sort of event and platform in the County.”

Ipswich Suffolk Business Club membership is made up of local business owners, leaders, and decision-makers who share the Club’s vision in promoting business growth and accelerating Suffolk’s business reputation in the UK.

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Toby Kramers

Committee Chair

Toby was brought up in Suffolk and, after a brief spell at University and working in London, returned to Ipswich to work in a legal practice in Ipswich in the 1990s where he has worked ever since as a solicitor specialising in Commercial Property.

Outside of work, Toby enjoys politics (he was Chairman of and remains involved in the South Suffolk Conservative Association), singing (he has performed with the Essex University Choir) and country sports. He is involved in a number of local charities.