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“We need to be the party for business.” Penny Mordaunt MP speaks to Members

Members of the Ipswich Suffolk Business Club (ISBC) welcomed The Rt Hon Penny Mordaunt MP for their latest event at Milsoms Kesgrave Hall.

As well as being the MP for Portsmouth North, Penny Mordaunt is also Lord President of the Council and Leader of the House of Commons.

Penny told ISBC members “We haven’t been the party of business for a long time and that needs to change; there are lots of things we can do. I know that if it was a choice between further help for individuals and households or supporting businesses, many of my colleagues would choose the latter.  We need the economy to grow.”

“I come from a coastal community, and I think the most important thing in terms of regenerating an area and keeping a pipeline of talent coming to the area and getting inward investment is having that sense of place. What is that community for, what is your unique selling point. There is a wide range of businesses represented here and I think having that clear sense of place and self and a clear plan locally with people working together across sectors, is good for the local community.”

“We have come through some really terrible years with the pandemic, and we had that huge civic outpouring. We have a window to carry on that and that makes for stronger communities.”

“We are a global trading nation and prosperity at home depends on, largely, what we are doing around the world. We had the state opening this week where I announced some bills which are going to really help us. Not least CPTPP (the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership) which is a massive trade block that we are going to have access to and that represents enormous possibilities for UK businesses but also it will create high wage jobs in places like here. We have to focus on that and those protracted crises, the war in Ukraine being top of the list, is resolved in a way that Ukraine wants. The only way we can do that is to keep supporting them. We have all seen how dependent we are on those trade routes, food supply, fuel supply; all those things affect us and give us shocks at home, so we have got to resolve those matters.”

As Lord President of the Privy Council, Penny played a central role in the Accession Council and the Coronation of King Charles. She gave members an insight into that extraordinary time. “There was a tremendous sense of pride in her late Majesty and outpouring of love for her and the new King. It was an emotional time but also, I was just so proud of our country and the values it was displaying and the stoicism through a very difficult and turbulent time. It was a huge privilege to be part of it and to support the Royal Family through it. I wasn’t prepared for quite the response I got from doing my role (at the Coronation). The King wanted a modern service and fit for a modern monarch. He wanted every part of society to be represented. They kept the full role of the Lord President in the Coronation, which I was very, very proud to do.”

Toby Kramers, Chair of Ipswich Suffolk Business Club (ISBC), said “We were very fortunate to hear from Ms Mordaunt and thank her for her time in her incredibly busy schedule. It was encouraging to hear about the ambition for government to be more focused on the needs of the business community. I know this will be welcomed by our members. Her anecdotes from the Coronation were just fantastic too. ISBC has a tremendous line-up of speakers from the New Year and we encourage any business owners and leaders interested in membership to get in touch and to join us.”

The event was sponsored by award-winning PR and digital agency PLMR Genesis, Milsoms and Adnams.

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Toby Kramers

Committee Chair

Toby was brought up in Suffolk and, after a brief spell at University and working in London, returned to Ipswich to work in a legal practice in Ipswich in the 1990s where he has worked ever since as a solicitor specialising in Commercial Property.

Outside of work, Toby enjoys politics (he was Chairman of and remains involved in the South Suffolk Conservative Association), singing (he has performed with the Essex University Choir) and country sports. He is involved in a number of local charities.